New Haven’s Best Siding Services

Whether the storm has damaged your home siding or you’re about to renovate your house’s exterior with a fresh, modern look, you’re in the right place! New Haven Roofing & Co offers you the best residential siding services that will undoubtedly meet your specific needs.

Do I Need Siding Now?

There are many reasons for residential siding, from extreme weather conditions to persistent pests, to incorrectly installed siding. All of this can result in leaks, water damage, and premature failure. So, don’t wait for your wall structures to be entirely ruined before you turn to experts in this field-New Haven Roofing & Co.

Our experienced siding contractors will carefully analyze the damage and decide what type of siding repair your home needs. We will leave you with a beautiful and long-lasting installation that will protect your home and your family’s health.


Consider These In Siding Installation

We want to help families have a permanent and attractive home’s exterior, and we achieve this by providing all kinds of residential siding services:

  • Broken siding can be one of the first signs of immediate reconstruction. The main culprit is usually storm or extreme winds. If you notice holes or cracks in siding, exterior paint discoloration or peeling caused by sun exposure and weathering, don’t hesitate to call us right away! We will inspect your siding, answer your questions, and give your home’s exterior the best look that will last for a lifetime. 


  • Whether your home has mildew or mold, or siding is warped, or interior paint is stained, or you have experienced high heating and cooling bills, you undoubtedly need a siding replacement or installation. Our replacement contractors always have elegant and long-lasting solutions for your siding installation. We offer a wide range of siding designs, so you can choose the one that matches the best of your home’s aesthetic.

Quality Siding

To meet all your requirements, and fulfill your wishes, we use only premium, weather-resistant, stylish, UV-resistant (prevents fading), and long-lasting materials to give you the following:

  • Give your home a “head-to-toe” look that will leave no one indifferent.
  • It’s durable and sturdy. It will give your home a classic but elegant appearance.
  • Resistant to mildew, fungi, and bacteria, making it excellent protection for both your home and your family.
  • A super-strong choice for residential siding because it’s long-lasting and prevents energy loss through cracks.
  • Climate-resistant, low-cost, and will protect your home for decades.


Caring for your home by taking on siding repair can significantly increase your wall’s longevity and improve the protection of your family and home. Here, at Haven Roofing & Co, you will get an elegant new look while saving your family’s health and the outside of your home. Our friendly staff, trusted siding contractors, premium equipment, and durable materials we utilize guarantee you long-lasting satisfaction and a better, healthier, and more attractive look of your home’s exterior!