Whether you discovered a problem or experienced a leak in your house roof, you probably won’t need a new complete roof, but its repair. A faulty roof can cause leakage, moisture formation, and if not treated well and on time, it may require replacement. To avoid all uncomfortable situations caused by the malfunctioning roof, you should be considering our roofing repair services.


With many years of experience in roof repairs, New Haven Roofing & Co works closely with its customers and always meets their needs. We are experts in repairing leaking roofs and are here to help you have a secure, sturdy, and durable roof that will save you both time and money. There are many reasons for roof repairs, from weathering to improper design. Whatever the reason, we will prevent further harm and give you the best roof you have ever had!

A broken roof can lead to more damage until it needs a total replacement. Cut the expenses and time with immediate roofing repair. Our company provides the best roofing services, from asphalt shingles to slate or copper roof. Since we utilize only the premium and long-lasting materials, top-quality equipment, and have experienced professionals, there is no damage that we can’t repair.


Let’s take a more in-depth look at what are the main reasons that may cause the damage:

  •  It’s probably the principal reason why someone might need roof repairs. Neglecting the roof at the first signs of the leak is the biggest issue that may cause significant future damage, which may not be easy to repair as if you reported a malfunction on time.
  •  Years of sun exposure combined with rain, wind, and snow can also create roofing problems and produce aging. We use only the best and proven materials, giving you the roof that will last a lifetime.
  •  The job must be done correctly from the initial design to finish. Our team pays special attention to every detail, providing you the roof that will last for decades.
  •  Flashings are commonly used between different roof sections and are the most sensitive part of the roof. Luckily, they are easy to replace if they show signs of aging. They are essential for the roofing system’s health, and that’s why we give our best to leave you with a functional and long-lasting roof.


Our company is an expert in home improvement and works on all types of houses, from single to multi-family homes. Our main goal is our clients’ satisfaction, and to achieve that, we provide you with a roof that will last for years with the premium and tested materials. Quality and durable materials are crucial for long term protection and longevity of your roof. We offer a broad specter of colors and an extensive range of shingles, and your only task is to choose the best design for you.


If your roof needs to be replaced, New Haven Roofing & Co is the right choice. We are cost-competitive, but we keep high standards of work, so your roof will last a long time without maintenance. We offer you the most efficient, best, most affordable, and safest roofing services. So, what are you waiting for? Prevent your roof from collapsing today, with only one call!