Commercial roofing services usually differ from residential roofing services because of the different types of roofing styles and materials. The size of commercial roofing also makes installation different from what is needed on residential roofs. At New Haven Roofing & Co, we offer commercial roofing services for various types of roofs a swell as repairs and maintenance services. Our approach to any project allows us to complete the job efficiently and effectively while allowing you to get the kind of design you desire and helping you save as much money as you can.


Emergency roofing


The role of a roof is crucial for you not to have an emergency contract to contact in case of an emergency. Sometimes natural occurrences may wreak havoc on the roof, causing damages, and other times the roof may succumb to pressure and start leaking. Whatever the cause is, our company is here to ensure your roof goes back to its perfect condition. We will assess the damage then choose the most appropriate solution that allows us to rectify the damage as quickly as possible while maintaining high-quality standards.


Roofing maintenance


Commercial roofing options are usually durable and strong, but they still have to be appropriately maintained. We offer the best inspection services as well as routine assessments that ensure your roof is always in optimal working condition. Our company is available all year to make it easier for you to reach us when you need to.


Roof repair and renovation


Regardless of the type of commercial roof you have, you will need repairs at some point, especially if you don’t maintain it properly or when the roof is nearing its lifespan. Repairs are usually cheaper than replacements, especially when the roofing material isn’t close to its lifespan. We will advise you accordingly and perform repairs that withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Our renovations also come in handy where there are smaller problems. We fix such damages to prevent them from becoming bigger and costing you more money.


Roof replacements


Sometimes a complete roof replacement is necessary to prevent more frequent and expensive repairs. Our qualified personnel knows how to differentiate roofs that need repairs and those that need replacement to help give you long term benefits. We understand that commercial roofing replacements can be expensive, and we only recommend them when necessary.


Roofing installation


Whether you want a flat roof or a sloped roof, we will make sure it matches your specific designs. We also have the expertise to work with different commercial roofing materials such as metal, asphalt, modified bitumen, single-ply membranes, and even green roofing. All these roofing materials have pros and cons that must be considered before installation. We, therefore, look into all the factors which include the climatic conditions in your area and the type of roof.

New Haven Roofing & Co is here to fulfill your wishes and give you the kind of commercial property of your dreams. Other factors we consider include the visibility of the roof, the kind of chemicals or level of acidity the roof will be exposed to, exposure of the roof to the sun and wind as well as whether the roof will be walked on. Contact us for more information.